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My name is Sandra ten Hoope.

I am a storyteller, corporate lawyer and toxic relationship recovery expert.
My mission is to:
Raise awareness that also professional, high achieving, successful women, can end up in toxic relationships
Offer support to women who silently suffered in toxic relationships, who managed to escape and who wish to rebuild their confidence and trust.
Make women realise that no woman should ever lead a should-driven life. Be you. Unapologetically!
What drove me to my mission?


About Sandra

Sandra ten Hoope is a Corporate Governance and Compliance lawyer, storyteller and toxic relationship recovery expert based in the Netherlands. She obtained a Master of Laws from the University of Amsterdam.

When Sandra was 4, she taught herself to read. And after reading through the children’s section of the library three times, she turned to literature targeted at adults. At the tender age of 8 (and motivated by her experience as a child of divorced parents), she chose to read a series called 100 Questions About Various Legal Subjects—the first volume of which was on the topic of divorce. Her inquisitive young mind and curious heart fell in love with the ins-and-outs of the law. And from that moment on, she decided that she would work toward a career in the legal field.

Sandra has always been a highly-organised person, and this served her well while working as a corporate lawyer and team leader in the fiduciary services industry. She presently provides Corporate Governance and Compliance services on an interim basis.

While Sandra’s mind is stimulated by the analytical and detail-oriented nature of the law, her true passion is people. She is a connector and communicator at heart, amazed by the capacity of human beings for creativity and innovation.

Having survived toxic relationships, Sandra has made it her mission to raise awareness on domestic violence and to be a voice for all women who alas cannot speak (anymore) about their experiences. Sandra has created the Dare to Displease Facebook group – a safe-haven for professional women who are ready to rebuild their confidence and trust after a toxic relationship.

Sandra lives in the Netherlands with her boyfriend (who was once her first love), her son and her bonus-daughter. She is also a published author. Sandra published her first solo-book ‘Do not Try HIM at Home’.

I have created the Dare to Displease Facebook group; a safe haven for high achieving professional women, who are or have been suffering from toxic relationships. 
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